Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What happens to the slurry (water and concrete dust) that is created by the saw while performing cuts?
We offer the service of water control which entails using industrial wet/dry vacuums while performing the work and construction grade plastic wrap to cover any valuables in the process.
There won’t be any dust or mess! We use diamond segmented saw blades and water to cut your concrete. As the water hits the blade, it traps any dust particles and produces a liquid substance that we call “slurry”, which is then vacuumed up. This is what we refer to as ‘water control’ and it is available on each and every project at the request of the customer. There will not be any toxic dust clouds.
Q. Why use Boise Concrete Sawing Company over the other companies?
Besides the fact that we provide unmatched quality, competitive pricing, and offer courteous service, Boise Concrete Sawing Company uses the most advanced diamond concrete cutting technology and employs only the best people in the industry. You will never talk to a machine, we believe in top notch customer service and we have built our reputation on getting the job done safely, efficiently and on your schedule.
Q. Do you cut from the inside or outside of the structure?
We can cut from either side. Cutting the concrete from the exterior to the interior wall will cause most of the water used to eliminate dust and to cool our blades to be deposited outside. However, necessary measures can be taken when cutting from the interior wall to eliminate the dust.
Q. Do you install windows and/or doors into the concrete openings when you are done cutting? Do you pour concrete foundations, slabs or patios?
No. You should contact a professional that specializes in this field of construction. Unlike a lot of our competitors, Boise Concrete Sawing Company specializes in cutting and core drilling only and not an array of different unrelated services.
Q. How much do I need to dig out for a basement wall or foundation cut?
You must dig out at least 2’ from where the side cuts are going to be, at least 1’ below the bottom cut and 4’ straight out from the wall. Boise Concrete Sawing Company does not perform this task. Due to time constraints and scheduling, it is imperative that this task along with all necessary layouts of cut lines be completed prior to our arrival.
Q. What do I need to remove or clean out inside for a concrete doorway or window to be cut?
If the wall is completely exposed on the outside, Boise Concrete Sawing Company needs the carpet rolled back into the room to allow access to the wall. We will need the room to install protective tarps if needed and have access for a vacuum in the area provided. You must also remove any items such as shelving that are in this area, as we will need at least 2’ clearance on both sides of the cut.

If the wall is a basement wall, the dirt must still be dug out at least 2’ from where the side cuts are going to be, at least 1’ below the bottom cut and 4’ straight out from the wall. Keep in mind that excavation of the dirt is not a service that Boise Concrete Sawing Company provides.

Q. Do you only cut concrete?
No, in addition to cutting concrete, we cut asphalt and block walls. We also provide core drilling and demolition and removal of concrete, block, and asphalt. Please refer to the ‘About Us’ page and the subsequent pages regarding the details of the services that we provide.
Q. What areas of Idaho do you serve?
We service primarily Ada and Canyon County; however, we are equipped and available to travel other areas in Idaho. Travel charges will apply.
In addition, we do service parts of Oregon.